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The Community Commitment of Adil Baguirov

May 16, 2018
In all, Adil Baguirov made three primary promises during his campaign for election to the Dayton, Ohio Public Schools Board of Education. He promised greater financial transparency, as well as stronger accountability on the part of the district. Adil also promised to bring better technology to the schools, including better computers for students, special software to provide academic support for students and a mobile app to provide parents with more information and control over the school experience. He also promised to see to it that more money made it into the classroom.

Adil Baguirov

Amazingly, Adil Baguirov was able to fulfill all three promises and largely exceeded expectations in every way during his time on the board. However, it should have been obvious, even before he was elected. Adil Baguirov has also moderated a number of academic conferences and he has audited many university-level classes. He has also played a key role in research at several think tanks. That is why he felt confident running for a position on the school board in the first place and why he was elected.
During his 2013 campaign for the Dayton Public Schools Board of Education, Adil Baguirov made three simple campaign promises, all of which demonstrated what he thought was the most important aspects of community. He has always felt that giving back to the community was the most important thing he could do and serving the school system was at the top of the list.